Get the Best of Both Worlds: Our Favorite Gas and Charcoal Grill Combos

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Are you tired of having to choose between the convenience of gas grilling and the flavor of charcoal? Luckily, there’s a solution: gas and charcoal grill combos. These versatile grills allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds, giving you the ease and speed of gas grilling alongside the smoky taste that only comes from charcoal.

In this article, we’ll dive into our favorite gas and charcoal grill combos on the market today. We’ll also discuss some tips for using these unique appliances to get the most out of your grilling experience.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, a gas and charcoal grill combo is an excellent investment for anyone who loves outdoor cooking. So let’s get started!

Benefits of Gas and Charcoal Grill Combos

You’re going to love the convenience and versatility that comes with using a gas and charcoal grill combo – it’s the ultimate grilling experience! With a gas grill, you’ll get fast heat-up times and precise temperature control, making it perfect for quick weeknight dinners or when you need to cook multiple items at once.

On the other hand, charcoal grills offer a unique smoky flavor that can’t be replicated by gas grills. By combining these two types of grills in one unit, you’ll have the best of both worlds.

One of the advantages of a gas and charcoal grill combo is that you can easily compare and contrast the different cooking methods. For example, if you’re cooking steak, chicken or fish on both types of grills at once, you can see which one cooks faster or produces better results for your taste preferences. Plus, having both options means that you won’t have to choose between using propane or charcoal – instead, you can use whichever fuel source suits your mood or recipe best.

Now let’s move onto our top pick for a charcoal grill: The Weber Performer Deluxe Charcoal Grill.

Weber Performer Deluxe Charcoal Grill

The Weber Performer Deluxe is a fantastic option for those who enjoy the classic taste of charcoal-grilled food. With this grill, you can have the best of both worlds as it comes with versatility options that allow you to use either gas or charcoal. This means that you can easily switch between gas and charcoal depending on your preference and cooking needs.

Additionally, this grill boasts an easy assembly process that won’t leave you feeling frustrated or overwhelmed. The instructions are clear and concise, making assembly a breeze even for those who aren’t handy with tools.

Overall, the Weber Performer Deluxe offers an excellent combination of convenience and flavor when it comes to grilling.

As we move on to discuss the Char-Griller Duo Gas and Charcoal Grill, let’s delve deeper into its features and what makes it stand out from other combo grills in the market.

Char-Griller Duo Gas and Charcoal Grill

Featuring a spacious cooking area and durable construction, the Char-Griller Duo offers grilling enthusiasts the ability to cook with both gas and charcoal. This grill combo provides versatility in cooking as it allows you to choose between the two fuel types, depending on your preference or recipe.

The gas side of the grill heats up quickly and is perfect for searing meats or vegetables, while the charcoal side gives that distinct smoky flavor to your dishes and is great for slow-cooking. When it comes to a gas vs charcoal comparison, some argue that gas is more convenient because it’s easier to start and control temperature.

On the other hand, charcoal provides a better flavor profile since it produces smoke when burnt. With the Char-Griller Duo, you don’t have to choose between these two options – you can have both! You get to enjoy all the benefits of both fuel types without having to purchase separate grills.

Transitioning into our next topic about Smoke Hollow Gas and Charcoal Grill Combo, this hybrid grill also offers dual-fuel cooking but with additional features that make it stand out from other combination grills in the market.

Smoke Hollow Gas and Charcoal Grill Combo

If you’re looking for a versatile grill that can handle both gas and charcoal cooking, then the Smoke Hollow Gas and Charcoal Grill Combo is worth checking out.

With three burners for gas grilling, you’ll have plenty of heat to cook up your favorite meats and veggies. The adjustable charcoal tray allows you to control the temperature of your charcoal cooking, while the built-in smoker box lets you add extra flavor to your food with wood chips or chunks.

Overall, this grill offers a great combination of convenience and versatility for any backyard chef.

Three Burners for Gas Grilling

Get ready to fire up the grill with three burners for gas grilling, perfect for cooking up a storm at your next backyard barbecue. With this feature, you can easily control the temperature and heat distribution across the surface of the grill. The more burners you have, the more versatile your cooking options become.

You can cook multiple items at different temperatures or use one burner as a warming rack while grilling on the others. Proper maintenance is crucial when it comes to gas grilling. Make sure to clean your grill regularly and check for any leaks in the gas line before each use.

Also, consider using various cooking techniques such as indirect heating or searing to maximize flavor and tenderness in your meats. Once you’ve mastered these skills, it’s time to move on to exploring other features like an adjustable charcoal tray that allows for both direct and indirect heat cooking methods.

Adjustable Charcoal Tray

Maximize the flavor and tenderness of your meats by using an adjustable charcoal tray. This feature is a game changer in gas and charcoal grill combos, giving you the best of both worlds.

With this tray, you can experiment with direct and indirect heat cooking methods to achieve a mouth-watering barbecue experience. There are many pros to using an adjustable charcoal tray. First off, it allows for better temperature control. You can easily adjust the height of the tray to change the distance between the coals and your food, allowing for precise heat management.

Using an adjustable charcoal tray means that you have more options when it comes to choosing which type of charcoal to use. Hardwoods like hickory or mesquite offer a distinct smoky flavor that is hard to replicate with gas alone. However, these types of charcoals burn hotter than traditional briquettes which can be detrimental if not managed properly.

Another important factor is knowing which type of charcoal works best for different types of dishes. Some are better suited for high-heat grilling while others are ideal for slow-cooking applications such as smoking meats or vegetables.

In the next section, we’ll take a look at how incorporating a built-in smoker box into your grill setup can enhance your outdoor cooking experience even further!

Built-in Smoker Box

Enhance your outdoor cooking experience with the built-in smoker box, which is one of the most sought-after features in gas and charcoal grill combos. The smoker box’s versatility allows you to add a unique flavor to your dishes, making them taste like they’ve been slow-cooked for hours.

You can use different types of wood chips, such as hickory, mesquite, or applewood, to create smoky flavors that complement your meats and vegetables. Smoking techniques vary depending on the type of foods you are preparing and how much smoke flavor you want to add.

For instance, if you’re cooking brisket or pork shoulder, it’s best to use a low-and-slow method. Set the temperature between 225-250 degrees Fahrenheit and smoke the meat for several hours until it reaches an internal temperature of 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit.

On the other hand, if you’re smoking chicken or fish, it’s better to use a high-heat method. Heat up the grill to 350-400 degrees Fahrenheit and smoke them for about an hour. With these tips in mind, let’s move on to some useful tips for using gas and charcoal grill combos!

Tips for Using Gas and Charcoal Grill Combos

Don’t miss out on the delicious smoky flavor that comes from using both gas and charcoal grills in combination. Using both fuels is a great way to get the best of both worlds: the convenience and ease of use of a gas grill, combined with the traditional flavor infusion of a charcoal grill.

But to truly get the most out of your gas and charcoal grill combo, there are some important tips you should keep in mind.

First, it’s important to maintain your grill properly. Make sure you clean it regularly, as built-up grease and debris can affect both cooking performance and food safety.

Additionally, be careful when switching between fuels – make sure you’re not leaving any residual gas or charcoal behind that could contaminate your food or affect the flavor.

When cooking with charcoal, consider using hardwood lump instead of briquettes for an even more authentic taste.

Finally, experiment with different cooking techniques – try searing meat on high heat over the gas side before moving it over to finish cooking on lower heat over charcoal for added depth of flavor.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to achieve amazing results using your gas and charcoal grill combo!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are gas and charcoal grill combos more expensive than regular grills?

Gas and charcoal grill combos can be more expensive than regular grills, but they offer the convenience of gas and the flavor of charcoal. Pros include versatility, while cons involve maintenance. To maintain, clean after each use and keep both fuel sources stocked.

Can you use both gas and charcoal at the same time on these grills?

Yes, gas and charcoal can be used simultaneously on some grill combos. The benefits of using both include versatility in cooking methods, the ability to add smoky flavor from charcoal while still having the convenience of gas.

How difficult is it to switch between gas and charcoal on these combos?

Switching between gas and charcoal on combo grills is easy, making it a breeze to enjoy the benefits of both. You’ll appreciate the convenience of gas when you’re in a hurry, but nothing beats the flavor of charcoal for that authentic BBQ taste.

Is it necessary to clean the grill differently depending on whether you used gas or charcoal?

To maintain the quality of your grill, it’s necessary to clean differently depending on whether you used gas or charcoal. Gas grills require less maintenance, but charcoal provides a smokier flavor. Both have pros and cons for flavor preference.

Can you use wood chips or chunks with these grills for added flavor?

Yes, you can use wood chip options for flavor infusion with these grills. Adding wood chips or chunks to your gas and charcoal grill combos will give you the best of both worlds – smoky flavors from charcoal and the convenience of gas cooking.


So, there you have it! The benefits of gas and charcoal grill combos are undeniable. Not only do they offer the convenience and ease of use of a gas grill, but they also provide that classic smoky flavor that only comes from cooking over charcoal.

If you’re in the market for a new grill, we highly recommend checking out our top picks: the Weber Performer Deluxe Charcoal Grill, the Char-Griller Duo Gas and Charcoal Grill, and the Smoke Hollow Gas and Charcoal Grill Combo. Each one offers its own unique features and advantages, so be sure to choose the one that best fits your needs.

And remember, when using a gas and charcoal grill combo, it’s important to follow some basic tips like keeping both fuel sources separate and adjusting vents accordingly.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying the best of both worlds when it comes to outdoor grilling. Happy cooking!

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