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We have thoroughly enjoyed hosting Round 42 of Travel Photo Roulette.

Firstly, we want to say thank you to everyone that entered this round, it was great to see all the photos and get to know some new blogs. Plus, there were a few people who were entering for the first time which is good to see. There were some outstanding photos submitted for our chosen theme; Evening, and we had a very hard time choosing a winner! But we finally finally managed to narrow it down and agree on a top four.

Third place…

We just couldn’t decide so in the end we have declared it a tie!

Nat from A Cook Not Mad with this beautiful shot from Venice: “From the Rialto Bridge as evening sets in, the colours come to life.We loved all the action and the colours in the photo are gorgeous, it really captures the spirit of the evening coming alive.

Along with Daniël from Globe Trekking with the long exposure shot of the city sky line: “As the evening begins, the city of Minneapolis comes alive.


Second place…

This photo from Dustin at Skinny Backpacker was the first entry and a HUGE favourite of ours all week. “Just as the sun sets, these dancers light up the streets of San Telmo, Buenos Aires with Tango.

It is one of those photos that you just want to keep coming back and look at again and again. It captures the intensity and atmosphere so well that you can almost hear the music, the click of their shoes and the chatter and laughter of the people in the background. It was a very difficult to choose between this one and the winner.


And the winner is…

What can we say about this photo, other than we just love it! Matt Gibson’s photo of “A local family strolling home at sunset on Malapascua Island in the Philippines”was our winner. For us it caught our eye from the beginning as it captures it all; the people, the place and the mood. Alone, the landscape itself would make for a stunning photo, but the way Matt has captured the people on the shore gives the photo additional depth and perspective that made it this week’s winner. Congratulations Matt!

Thanks again to everyone that entered and well done to the finalists and the winner. We are looking forward to Round 43 to be hosted by Matt Gibson


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