I always thought that Venice was only a city for the old, rich and in love.

But I have come to think I was wrong.

Or perhaps it is just because I am in love. Either way, the city that refuses to sink has slowly made it’s way to the top of my travel list and I am itching to get there.

So why do I want to go?

The easy answer in one word? Gondolas. 

Yes please!

The long answer in more than one word

Each day when we set out to explore Venice (no doubt following a lazy sleep-in at our fantastic apartment) our schedule will be jammed back.

After we have made the obligatory stops at the Rialto Bridge, St Mark’s Square and Doge’s castle we will be on a mission to walk over as many bridges as possible.

How many bridges can we walk over?

Then rest our weary legs by taking a cosy gondola ride or two.

Each evening, after a quiet dinner by the water, we will wander slowly back home exploring the back streets.

A visit to the Peggy Guggenheim art gallery is a must.

We will cruise up the canals to  Burano island and without a doubt we will be visiting the Rialto market to see what local food is on offer.

Of course, we will feed the pigeons and let them sit on our head. Ah, okay, perhaps I won’t be letting the pigeons sit on my head.

But nonetheless, pigeons or no pigeons, Venice has an extensive list of unique sights that I am eager to write home about.

Who am I dragging along with me?

I can’t go on a romantic gondola ride with anyone else, plus I have a tendency to book bus and train tickets for the wrong date – so it would be my girlfriend and travel booker extraordinaire, Sarah.

Why Venice will be out knight in shining armour

Not only will be sampling all the treats that Venice has to offer, but Venice you will be our saviour from a cold cold winter and a boring old city.

Because we live in Canberra.

If you don’t know much about Canberra, let me fill you in. It is a planned city, that was designed by a bored old British man who had one thought on his mind – to trap tourists and frustrate locals.

Canberra is a maze of round-a-bouts, eccentric embassies and drab Government buildings that all look the same. 

It is inhabited almost entirely by politicians and public servants. So it could not have a more boring population if it tried.

Although, in it’s defense it used to be more interesting due to it’s liberal laws on weed, sex and fireworks. But since they banned fireworks and few years ago it has become one of the only cities in the world to be completely devoid of any reason for existence.

Why are we here I hear you thinking?

We accidently got jobs here before we thought it through. Yes, I know, FAIL.

But please don’t hold that against us, instead send us to Venice!

Our video bid to ‘Go with Oh’ to Venice

This is the second time Go With Oh has hosted a blogger contest, with the winner getting an incredible month of travel throughout Europe staying at some of the best apartments going around. Leah and Lola were the lucky winners last time and we are hot to trot to follow in their footsteps and share our experiences. When we saw the second contest open we thought that’s it, Venice we are coming for you my friend.

If you have not heard of them Go with Oh they are vacation specialist with apartments across ten cities in Europe. Make sure you head over to their Facebook page for your chance to win some fantastic prizes including like iPads, iPhones, apartment vouchers and more!


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    Allison GoWithOh

    We’re so impressed with all the modes of transport you’ve utilized in your past travels! Sam we love your reasoning, you and Sarah are definitely due for a gondola ride! Thank you so much for your lovely post about Venice, good luck with the blogger contest!

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