Australia to reach 23 million people

Australia to reach 23 million

Tonight at 9.57pm Australia will have a population of 23 million people. Fact.

This has been calculated by the Australian Beurau of Statistics.

The number crunchers have come to this conclusion by looking at the average number of expected births, deaths and people migrating (incoming residents minus outgoing) each year.

What’s even cooler is that based on current population growth hot spots, birth statistics and name trends it can be generally predicted that the 23 millionth person born will be a boy called Jack. Odds suggest his mother will be 31, his father 33 and he will live in western Sydney.

Pretty neat.

But whilst everyone is celebrating reaching this milestone (Australia is one of the fastest growing OECD countries) if you put it into perspective the country is still tiny. 

The population of Beijing along is 20.1 million. Mumbai is 18 million. 

The United Kingdom fits into Australia 30 times, yet the population is almost three times that of Australia, at nearly 63 million.

Ah well, even if we are tiny, it is still quite neat to think that the 23 millionth baby might be called Jack, and wherever he is born I hope someone plays this song.

Photo by James Cridland


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