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It has been a little while since out last update.

There has been a lot going on, but maybe that is a story for another day.

So, what is new? Well, even though we have not been writing, it does not mean that we have not been reading. Over the last month we have read some great stories about what people are up to around the world and we want to share some of our favourites:

Charlie and Pamela are two (crazy?) ladies who are about to set off on a journey of over 10,000 miles to complete the Mongol Rally. Which in my mind is absolutely brilliant and I would love to be crammed in the car with them! I cannot wait to read about the journey as they go, and they just announced recently that they will be trying to do as much live updating via facebook, twitter and blogging as they can. It is going to be an epic journey and we wish them all the best. Check out their site here for all the tales of their preparation so far. Oh as p.s. don’t you think they have the best logo….. (hope you don’t mind us sharing)

Amanda from a dangerous business is over in Europe and we have been really enjoying some of the stories and great photos from the trip. My favourite has been the recent round up that included her time in Bulgaria. After living in a small village in Bulgaria over winter earlier this year it is fantastic to see some of the photos of the country in summer. It was hard to imagine as we dug our way out of the house every morning through the snow and in minus 15 degrees that this place could be so hot and green! We said that one day we must come back in summer and I hope we get a chance one day soon.

Always good for a laugh the Globetrotter Girls had us in stitches with their story of getting rammed by a buffalo in India… Jess, you poor thing!

Having arrived back home in the middle of winter (and kicking ourselves for it) this story of Carribean sailing from Skott and Shawna has me wanting to make new travel plans in the warmer parts of the world as quickly as I can. Check out the size of those lobsters!

I like reading others ‘wrap ups‘ from their life on the road as they look back over the past months or years. A recent good read was from Global Goose’s year on the road. 

Phil from Philintheblank wrote a piece on the life of one family from Timbuktu since the rebellion that was one of those things you read, sit back, think woah. Then start at the top and read it again.

We loved all the travel we did in Eastern Europe and former Soviet Union countries, Katie from Katie Going Global is always talking about new places in these areas that we want to add to our never ending bucket list.

And lastly, we will leave you with this pic of two pugs rocking out in Berlin from Uncornered Market.




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